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ENGL 2130 Kennesaw State University Ascertains on Feminism View Discussion

This paper should be a revision of the attached paper which was the draft. Also attached is the article written by the critic. This paper should further the argument about feminism.Critiques from the draft:

Intro: 6 You need to make more clear how you are in conversation with Wisker. Where does she talk about love and vampires, and what does she have to say about it?

Support: 7 The focus on the bedroom is interesting but you have not convincingly responded to Wisker.

This final paper carries a 4-page requirement, twice the content of the original draft.

Much of this rubric mimics the rough draft rubric, but a little more attention is given to its being refined, as the thesis and its support needs to be more tightly responding to a critical work. Also, the essay’s grammar, mechanics, and language are scored more closely and with greater consequence.

Any essay that is not a true revision of a previously scored draft will receive no credit.

Any essay that is not MLA formatted, including 1 inch margins all around, a consistent and acceptable font, double spaced throughout, etc. will not be scored.

Points Requirement

10 The paper responds to a critical work from the semester’s readings by either extending or countering an argument found within that work.

10 The writer’s response is compelling, holding some tension.

10 The writer supports his or her argument by quoting or paraphrasing the source and provides citations.

10 The paper avoids excessive summary of the critical work and/or the creative work, and only incorporates it when necessary to orient the reader or the support a point within the paper’s argument.

20 Each paragraph maintains a strong relationship with the thesis, which responds to a critical work from the semester.

20 The paper includes a close analysis of the monster narrative relevant to an argument presented in the critical source.

10 The paper is free of spelling and mechanical errors.

10 The paper uses language effectively (precise and concise) and appropriately (formal).


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