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ENGL 2311 BAU Instructions for Preventing Cyber Security Risks Memorandum

Document Three: Instructions Memo

This assignment requires you to demonstrate your understanding of instruction writing, of document design, and of strategies for successful communication.

The directions for this assignment and other Document Three files are attached with this entry and with the Activities Guide for this module .

Because this document must include research, we are using the Bb tool for Submit with Safe Assign. So, under the Plagiarism Tools box that appears with with Bb’s Assignment Submission box for Document Three, be sure to click your agreement:

I agree to submit my paper(s) to the Global Reference Database

After you submit your draft with Safe Assign, you will be able to see how much of your draft is original and how much is from sources; seeing that balance can help you determine whether to revise your draft some more. After you revise it, your can re-submit the document with Safe Assign, as long as your submission occurs by the due date (Saturday June 26 by 8 PM).


Document Three must include:

  • your identifying-heading
  • purposeful graphics/illustrations
  • an introduction that provides specific background information/benefits
  • a body that specifies and clarifies each step in your set of instructions, explaining what to do, why to do it, and when to do it (Instructions include numbered chronological steps, but the body must also include other audience-friendly information–not just numbered steps)
  • an action-inducing conclusion paragraph that provides a way for memo-readers to acknowledge the instructions and to confirm their compliance
  • the proper format for an interoffice memo
  • a company logo at the top
  • the memo’s DATE
  • the specific group-name and title of the readers TO whom the memo is going
  • the specific name and specific title of the memo-writer FROM whom the memo comes, including the memo-writer’s electronic signature /s/ and its date
  • the specific SUBJECT heading of the memo
  • APA documentation of the research sources you include in the memo FOR REFRENCE PLEASE CHECK ATTACHED MEMO SAMPLE.


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