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Entertainment Operations in Universal Studios Florida Discussion

Profiles are written portraits—of people, places, events, or other things. The word “portrait” often makes us think of having our photo taken to capture and represent what we look like as people—and as a genre of writing, a profile essay is not too different: a profile essay is building a portrait out of words. Often you will find profiles of celebrities, travel destinations, and music festivals in magazines. A profile presents a subject in an entertaining way that conveys its significance, showing us something or someone that we may not have known existed or that we see every day but don’t know much about. For our profile essays, we will be profiling something, somewhere, or someone from the state of Florida. You will be required to have one magazine/newspaper source for this assignment, so you should pick something or someone well-known enough that it’s been written about in newspapers. To write a profile, you will use interview skills, personal experiences/interactions, observations, and/or research to enable you to write a well-informed essay that demonstrates the significance of your subject. You can almost think of this as the other side of the coin of the narrative essay—instead of telling a story about yourself you’re telling a story about someone or something else. Key Features: (See pages 239-241 in your Norton Field Guide for more details) • An interesting subject • An interesting angle • Any necessary background information • A firsthand account • Engaging, vivid details Requirements • Everything you’re profiling on MUST exist within the state of Florida! • 1000 words minimum. There is no maximum, but try to aim for 1250. APA formatting. • You must find one article (newspaper or magazine) about your profile subject and use it as a source, making sure to have correct APA in-text citations and a References page. • No profiles on family members, significant others, roommates, or best friends. • Try to pick something you can have access to. I.e.: no Wesley Snipes, Ariana Grande, etc. • Interviewing and/or observing your subject is encouraged, but not required. 


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