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Essex County College Relationship Between Culture and Religion Questions

In this Final Assignment, students will assume that YOU are the Chief Compliance Officer of a healthcare organization. You and your team were assigned the task of reviewing the proposed project for legal issues. You will prepare a comprehensive report to the Board of Directors addressing and analyzing the legal issues that will/may arise in implementing your project.

You should have 7-8 legal issues to discuss in your report. The project should deals directly with health care law and its impact on the health care delivery system from a variety of perspectives. The goal here is to apply the concepts of health care law to add another dimension to your project’s ability to contribute to high quality, effective, efficient, and accessible health care delivery. View your project through the lens of legal and regulatory considerations.

Remember the advice provided for the project.

  • Explain how the elements of healthcare law affect your project: what might need to change? What analyses might you need to do to provide a comprehensive view of the legal and regulatory aspects of your project? Include those analyses in your assignment.
  • Cite references and sources as appropriate. The narrative format should flow appropriately for the project.
  • Include an analysis of the viability of your project from a legal perspective.

The Summary Should Include of the appropriate law involved:

  • Federal statute,
  • Related federal regulation,
  • Interpretation of the regulation (government source or professional/academic expert analysis),
  • Identify and compare relevant state laws,
  • Court case or government advisory opinion, and
  • Ethical concern, ethical standard implicated and how/why.

Last important advice: Raise future questions or concerns. Recommend resources. Include a project bibliography.

Your final project should address the following legal questions.

1. What Confidentiality and HIPAA (security and privacy) issues are involved? What other patient’s rights are affected?

2. How can your project protect itself against litigation and other complaints? What prevention strategies should be employed?

3. What laws and entities govern your project? Are the laws statutes, court decisions or regulations? Are the laws federal or state or administrative laws? Is your project answerable to agencies that are federal or state or local or military? Remember to include references that make finding the laws easy for the reader.


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