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EU Business School Knowledge Management Discussion

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1) How would you go about selecting a KM model for a given organization? What are some of the questions you would ask of the employees? Of the senior managers? Others?

2) What is true for you with respect to the Nonaka and Takeuchi model of knowledge conversion and knowledge spiral? What doesn’t apply to your experience? Which transformations would prove to be the most difficult? And the most easy? Use examples to illustrate your points

3) Based on your experience what are the 5 main “enabling conditions for organizational knowledge creation”? How they differ with respect to Nonaka and Takeuchi list?

4) Compare and contrast the cognitive and connectionist approaches to knowledge management. Why is the connectionist approach more suited to the von Krogh KM model? What are the strengths of this approach? What are the weaknesses? Use examples to make your points.

5) How is the Wiig KM model related to the Nonaka and Takeuchi model? In what important ways to they differ?

  1. List some examples of internalization to illustrate how each of the 5 levels differs.
  2. How do public, private, and shared knowledge differ? What are the implications of managing these different types of knowledge according to the Wiig KM model?

6) Outline the general strategy you would use in order to implement the Boisot I-Space KM model. Where would you expect to encounter difficulties? What would be some of the expected benefits to the organization of applying this approach?

7) What is the major advantage of a complex adaptive system approach to a KM model? What are some of the drawbacks?

  1. Provide an everyday example of requisite variety. Next, apply this to the management of knowledge in an organization. What are the elements needed in order to successfully regulate a complex adaptive system? Why?


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