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Evaluation of Validity of Peter Singers Argument for World Poverty Argumentative Essay

Second argumentative essay should take up one issue, theory, or argument. The list below is suggestive. There are others you might prefer to write about. If you want to write about a different topic, theory, or argument than one listed below, email me with your suggested topic.


Peter Singer argues that the problem of world hunger is primarily a problem of distribution, not of production. Explain what this means and what this distinction contributes to understanding one’s duties to reducing global poverty. Compare the professional duties of at least two professions regarding global poverty: business person, nurse, teacher, police officer, information technology professional, or human services professional.


Analyze the argument by analogy in Singer’s essay “Rich and Poor” and Singer’s principle based on the analogy. Consider one objection to the principle and a response on behalf of the principle. Give your reasons for accepting the objection or response.


Singer presents Zell Kravinsky as an exemplar of a moral response to poverty. Explain what he exemplifies and what inferences you can make from his life and conduct.


Singer lists eight of the UN Millennium Development Goals and suggests that the incomes of the superrich in the United States could contribute substantial amounts toward realizing those goals. Describe how one of the following professionals should contribute to assuring that the superrich contribute toward the Millennium Development Goals: business person, nurse, teacher, police officer, information technology professional, or human services professional.


Every professional ethics code contains some provision that professionals have a duty to perform activities that benefit others and not the professional. Doing so sometimes requires the individual professional to assume significant risks to their finances, health, time with family, or free time. Explain the reasoning that ideas of virtue and character better explain this duty better than moral rules. Describe your duty to benefit others at significant risk to yourself, and how you anticipate fulfilling this duty in your professional career.


Amartya Sen argues that economics, and by extension business professionals, should spend more time and effort dealing with the problems of people whose lives are disrupted by market failure and support non-market interventions to address those problems. Give your view on the duties of economic and business professionals to make economies and other social institutions more responsive to people whose lives are disrupted by market failure.


Explain what the inner ring is and the difficulties it poses for professionals. Provide an example from life, literature, or entertainment that shows the difficulty and analyze the moral and psychological issues in the example.


Explain the motivation that concerns Lewis when he describes the inner ring and its effects on professional life. Explain how the motivation might contribute to problems in one or more of the cases you have written about this semester.


Discuss the concept of conflict of interest as found in the essays in our textbook. Explain how the concept applies to occupational health and the similar conflicts of interest that arise for the business person, nurse, teacher, police officer, information technology professional, or human services professional and how the professional should respond.


Explain Corvino’s argument that Kim Davis does not deserve accommodation in her role as county clerk. Give reasons for thinking Corvino’s argument is satisfactory or not, and your view about whether Davis deserves accommodation.


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