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EVAN 101 Liberty University Preparing to Share the Gospel Paper

Sharing the Gospel Paper Assignment Instructions


You will submit a paper about an experience this term where you shared the Gospel with another person who you do not know is a believer. All of your work so far has led to this assignment which puts into practice the lessons you have learned. Even if you are not a believer, you can still share the narrative of God’s story since we covered the points in class.


To have a good experience sharing the Gospel you will want to plan for the event. For this reason, the paper will be written with a 2-part format. Each part will then have two sections, and all the parts and sections should have headings. Each section should have more than 1 paragraph, and your material should answer the prompts/questions below:

Part I — Preparing to Share the Gospel:

Section A – Consider the person and the context: Who is the person with whom you want to share, and how do you know the individual? What is his or her religious background? Describe the person’s culture and worldview. Have you had past conversations about God? Where and when would be a good time and place to have a spiritual conversation. How will you contact the person about meeting, and how will explain what you hope to do? How can you be praying for the process? Describe with details, the specific method, illustration, question, testimony, or verse that you will use, and why you chose that approach for this situation.

Section B – Plan for a conversation: What is your plan for meeting, and will it be in person? Is there any service involved? How will you start a spiritual conversation? Do you expect any objections or resistance? Do you need any resources, like an app, to help you share the Gospel with this person? Since you need verses to share the Gospel, what verses will you use? Have you asked anyone else to pray for you, and if so whom did you ask? How will you ask for a response? How have you prepared yourself to lead in prayer for/with the person. 

Part II — Sharing the Gospel

Section A – Describe the event: Did the meeting start and go as planned? Did the person share any feelings at the beginning or end? Were you able to initiate a spiritual conversation and how did you verbalize the Gospel? Were you able to use the resources you brought? Were you able to share the verses that you had selected? Did the person understand what you said, and what clarifications needed to be made? Did you hear/sense excuses or objections, and if so, how did you react? How were you able to make the message relatable and what response did you ask for? Were you able to pray for/with the person?

Section B – Share any lessons: Was the experience positive for you and the other person? If not, explain what you might do differently next time. Did you make plans to meet with the person again to talk about spiritual matters more? Did you offer to pray for a request or for the person? Do you feel that you were prepared, or what other preparation should have been done? What was the hardest part of the experience for you? What part of the class or textbook was especially helpful? What advice would you give to someone else planning to share the Gospel?

Besides using this specific formatting with headings for each part and section, the paper will also be graded on these criteria:

Citations: Because this course is taken by the entire university you may use the citation style (APA, MLA, Turabian, etc.) with which you are most comfortable. In the same way the title page and reference section should consistently follow that style.

  • Content: The paper is personal in nature and should reflect your preparation, preferences, and experience in both parts. The content, too, should include at least 3 quotes that you chose from the Bible, textbooks, or other class resources.


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