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Evergreen Valley College Overfishing of Sharks Memorandum

Marine Policy Project Part 4: The Letters of Appeal (30 points)

Compose three formal letters, no longer than 1.5-page single-spaced, single sided, with one-inch margins.

The trick here is to condense all the information included in the research paper to a length and clarity the recipients can easily “digest.” Clarity is all important! Reference citations no longer need unless there is a specific reference to include to support the main point.

Letters of appeal are generally arguments and are generally written to persuade the target. Things to consider in the tone of the letters are the recipient, what their position is on the issues, and how much persuading is needed. Various versions of the same letter might be appropriate for different targets. It depends on the chosen targets.

For more insight on how to formulate an appeal or argument, check this out:… ppeals%20notes%20and%20examples.pdf

Remember, the goal is to get the reader at the other end of the paper to understand the argument and do something about it. Try to get the letters past the summer intern making the first pass of all web submissions and letters before it makes it into the hands of the target, or a member of the target’s staff, who deals specifically with the issue. (I offer my apologies to those of you who have worked as summer interns in political offices!)

For Grading Part 4:

Submit three formal letters of appeal for review. Formal letters combine full names and address for the sender and each target. Students are not required to send letters to targets, but it would be a good idea to send the letter depending on how strongly you feel about the issue.

If you do send the letter, and receive a substantial response you will be eligible for up to five points of extra credit on this assignment.

For help writing a formal letter go to:… _business_letters/index.html


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