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EVNT 155 Southwestern College Music Festival Marketing Plan Discussion

From our textbook: Marketing for Tourism, Hospitality & Events, A Global & Digital Approach (Hudson, 2017, p. 109).

Based on this diagram please list an answer to the following for your event. Please number them; make sure you have completed the Week 3 reading before you start. Please watch the week three (pre-recorded) Lecture ; it will provide additional help. See my notes below… Step eight (8) is NOT required this week.

an image showing the 8 steps that are required as part of any basic marketing plan.

textbook image.jpg download


For your final paper you will need to include all of the above information for your event. You will need to expand upon each of these items. For this case study, your answers can be abbreviated (e.g., shortened).

All of our case studies are designed to help you focus on your goals based on the track you selected for the course.

Additionally, each case study may help you in your completion of your final Event Marketing Plan or Event Business Plan.

  • You may use portions of this case study, or even paste a link to your submission of this case study, in the relevant section(s) of your final business marketing plan.

Your answer should:

  1. Be at least two sentences; it should fully describe your vision for the event
  2. Include a SWOT analysis for your event & a competitive analysis also in the form of a SWOT analysis (pick at least one competitor – for your paper you may need to focus on more than one).
    • Please format your SWOT “professionally” into a four-part grid
  3. Indicate how many folks do you expect to attend
    • Indicate ticket price(s)
  4. Indicate attendance and ticket pricing goals (step 3)
    • Indicate other measurable sales goals (hint: sponsorship goals, etc.)
  5. Identify your ideal target segment
    • Provide demographic, pyschographic, geographic and behavioral elements
  6. Include a link to your case study from Week 2: Online Marketing: A Case Study
  7. State the square footage of the space and expected rental cost
    • Other resources are optional
  8. Not required for this assignment


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