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Excelsior College Hope and Change in the Face of Chaos Reflecting Paper

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                                                       Part 1

You have focused on some challenging topics around ethics during a crisis. Leaders often face incredibly difficult decisions during times of crises, particularly in disaster situations. We would like to give you an opportunity to reflect on how you can transform this week’s learning into hope and change.

“Bad things do happen in the world, like war, natural disasters, disease. But out of those situations always arise stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.”

Daryn Kagan, documentary writer, author, and former broadcast journalist

With what you learned this week and throughout your term long project, what extraordinary behaviors (or perhaps ordinary behaviors that looked extraordinary in the face of chaos) stood out for you, or where did you see an opportunity for doing extraordinary things?

Remember that this is a reflection, and there is no requirement to post an essay with citations. Just speak about what you felt and observed.

              Part 2

You won!!

Using Zoom, you will create an acceptance speech presentation which summarizes your solution from your discipline’s/ role’s perspective.

The Eddie and Ozzie award is presented for excellence in journalism, and one category (which you will be awarded) is for editorial journalism. Acceptance speeches tend to be fairly brief, so work towards less than five minutes. Your speech should be presented to the audience, assuming that many of them might not have read your work.


Your speech should:

  • Begin with an introduction, thanking people that contributed to your article series, research, or supported you during your endeavor.
  • Stress the importance of the opioid crisis in this country with some descriptive data.
  • Speak to the crisis in Dayton and introduce your role to the audience.
  • Briefly summarize your solution and explain why you believe it will benefit the community (utilize your research support and projection data here).
  • Post your Zoom recording of your acceptance speech.


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