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Excelsior College Talent Management Potential Case Impact Paper

Part 1

The five broad categories typically associated with TM: 
Planning, Attracting, Developing, Retaining, Transitioning

Talent management is a multi-faceted profession, and it is important for the talent manager to be proficient in many areas. Consider the video on talent management that you just viewed in the opening of this module. We see five overarching steps for managing talent. Let’s talk about them in some depth. For the discussion question this week, keep in mind these five broad categories typically associated with TM: 

  • Planning
  • Attracting
  • Developing
  • Retaining
  • Transitioning

Part I: Initial Post

Take a few moments and think about your current employer or a previous one. Reflect on the following questions and post to the discussion board:

  • How do you feel your current employer (Current Employer US Army) developed your career potential? 
  • Did you feel supported, or did you feel unsupported?
  • What steps were or were not taken to retain you?
  • What could they have done better to attract/develop/retain employees?
  • What would you have done differently if you were in charge of developing talent at the organization?

Part 2

Although talent management strategies are based on theory and evidence, not all TM strategies work across every organization or even environment. Organizational culture and specific norms and rules do not always apply in the same ways across disciplines. As you complete this assignment, think about your specific organization or discipline’s needs.

Do an internet search to locate a talent management program that was implemented in an organization within the past several years.

In your paper, provide a concise 1-2 paragraph summary of the high points of this TM program. Then provide responses to the following:

  • What were the reasons behind implementing this program?
  • What are the key benefits to the organization that implemented the program?
  • Was any data provided to support these benefits? If so, provide it.
  • Would this program work specifically for your organization/discipline, or one you aspire to work in? Why or why not?


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