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Fashion Institute of Design Reputation Management for An Organization Response

Reputation Management For An Organization

  • We live in the golden age technology where massive amounts of information about anything is easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection – candidates and potential recruits for a company’s roles are no exception
  • More than ever, a positive online presence will directly impact the recruiting process for employers
  • This means that the goal an employer is to strive for consistent, fair, and generally positive feedback and reviews on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed
    • This is an example of something companies would love to see:
    • good review 1
  • But often times, companies will get responses like the one below due to the nature of the internet (people have the ability to remain anonymous / they can say anything they want without repercussion / lots of disgruntled “keyboard warriors”)
    • bad review 1
  • So as an employer what can you do to combat combat / prevent comments like this?
    • Work on building a strong culture
    • Go back to the basics – go beyond the “golden rule” (treat everyone how you would want to be treated) and embrace the “platinum rule” (treat everyone how they want to be treated)
    • LISTEN to your employees and make adjustments based on their feedback
    • R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
    • Encourage existing employees that are happy and love the workplace to post online to balance out the feedback
    • Reputation management through the online platforms
      • Actively responding to the comments so that others researching the company can see both sides to the story or at least the response to the comments
  • bad review response

Assignment: read through the review below. Pretend you are the employer and craft a response (see example above) to the person who posted the negative review. The response does not have to be overwhelmingly long or detailed, but it may be a good idea for you to at least touch on each of the negative points / issues that the review writer has mentioned.

review assignment


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