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FAU Virtual Classes Social and Technological Forces Discussion

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The pandemic has put a spotlight on social and technological forces that affect organizations, including our very own palm beach state college. Social and technologic forces are both external factors that can have large influence on how an organization operates.  

Social forces come from the change of needs that society might be experiencing at the time.  Members of society provide the demand that organizations must meet and over the last decade the demand for more flexible virtual learning has pushed palm beach state to increase the amount of virtual online classes.  The last ten years have shown a change of the traditional work force where an individual was encouraged first complete school before getting in the workforce. The gig economy has made it so that individuals are able to work many different jobs without a degree and begin to gain work experience right out of high school. Due to this change, students now may have less time to sit in traditional class room settings and require more virtual classes that provide more flexibility.  The coronavirus pandemic has maximized the need for more virtual classes and less in person interactions, therefore supporting the social factors that make palm beach state add more online classes. 

Technology has continued to push forward in the last 10 years with more online web based interactions being the new norm.  Online meetings places like zoom and Microsoft teams have given palm beach state The tools to be able to adapt to this new virtual environment it must provide for students. Virtual classes are now more interactive and connections with students are more impactful due to this adaptation of technology. 

I attended graduation this past May and both social and technological forces could be seen there. The need for a more safe and healthy environment drove palm beach stage college to crate a new ceremony style that promotes social distancing. Technology was used to broadcast the graduation live on the web so that individuals families would be able to watch graduates from a safe dista


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