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FILM 225 University of Michigan Moulin Rouge Movie Analytical Review

Prompt options (choose either one or two, or if you have an alternate prompt idea speak with me asap):

1) Write an extended review of one of the films we watched for this class, making a value judgement on how well (or not-so-well) they accomplished a certain film aspect(s). In your review, highlight the techniques we considered in class, including narrative elements, cinematography, and sound, and analyze how the filmmakers utilized these techniques in their making of this film and what the overall effect is for the viewer.

In order to answer this question, however, you will need to first consider what the filmmaker’s purpose was in creating this film. What kind of story were they trying to tell? Once you have a sense of the answer to this question, then you can consider how well they used the above techniques to accomplish this purpose. You might consider doing some informal research to see if you can find an interview with the filmmakers on this film. This is optional. (If you do reference an interview or other critic, however, please be sure to cite it! This paper should be your own opinions and analyses – not a paraphrase of someone else’s.)

2) Analyze one of the films we watched for this class in order to make an argument for what you think the film is suggesting on the way the world works and how a humans should live their lives. Remember at the start of class, we discussed the difference between watching a movie for escape from reality versus watching a film to process reality. This prompt absolutely connects to that idea.

While you’re focused on what ideas about the type of life this film presents, also consider the ways in which the film conveys these ideas. How does the film depict the meaning of life through music, cinematography, character development, plot, etc.? You don’t need to cover every film technique, but be sure to highlight a few to help you find specific ways to analyze what your film is saying about living a meaningful life.

*****You are welcome to come up with an argument outside of these two prompts, but please be sure to run your idea by me before you start writing!**********


Your paper should be 3.5-5 pages, word count at least 1100 (four pages means four full pages), double-spaced, 12-pt. Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins. Please include an MLA header (on the first page in the left-upper hand corner with your name, class, assignment, and date), page numbers (top right hand of each page—include your last name and page number), and a title for your paper (please do not title your paper “Final Essay Assignment.” Use a title that conveys your argument).

Important Writing Reminders:

For your paper, keep in mind that you are making an argument. You must have a thesis statement (and conventionally, your thesis statement will be stated clearly at the end if your introduction). Your thesis statement will be the focus for your essay, with all your supporting points developing your thesis statement.

For each supporting point you develop, you will want to include evidence from the film to support that idea. Be sure to explain clearly how your evidence connects to the main idea in that paragraph.

You are not required to do any outside research for this essay. Your “research” will include your thoughtful watching of the film. I encourage you to watch the film you choose to write on at least twice,and review specific scenes multiple times as you develop your analysis. If you do include an outside source, please cite your source in MLA format.

When you reference your film title, please italicize it. If you reference any song titles from the film, please put the titles in “quotation marks.”

Be sure to proofread your paper before you submit it!


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