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Financial Aspects on Early Childhood Centers Discussion

1.Congratulations! You have just been selected as director for a church-related preschool. The president of the school board directs you to prioritize supporting and involving families in the preschool program and asks for a list of ideas you will use to achieve that purpose. Fortunately, you have resources to help you; using the articles on supporting families.

2. One of the primary objectives of this class is to evaluate the role of human relationships – relationships between children and adults as well as between the many adults involved in an early childhood center – staff, parents, and any involved central or corporate staff or board members. This has been the subject of readings, discussion boards, journal entries and now this exam question.

Take some time to think about what’s been presented this semester as well as reviewing your own experiences in early childhood education programs, then respond to the three following questions, being sure to include all groups (children, staff and parents) in each of your responses.

  1. How might the fiscal or financial aspects of an early childhood center affect relationships between all groups at the center? What influence might the financial situation in the country at large have on relationships?
  2. What impact do working conditions at an early childhood center have on human relationships?
  3. Discuss the role politics in both society at large and at the center itself may have at an early childhood center and any potential effect on human relationships.

3. A potential parent visits your program and likes what she sees; however, she is concerned that the children spend so much time playing rather than learning to read, write and do math. How would you respond to her, gently sharing what you know about research, developmentally appropriate practice, and your program’s philosophy? Be sure to touch upon all 3 of these factors in your answer.


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