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Firm Value Facebook Case Study Discussion Questions

I’m working on a management case study and need a sample draft to help me learn.


  1. Firms’ values fluctuate over time. How much is Facebook “worth” today? Has the firm’s value gone up or down since its IPO? Why? Looking back at how Facebook has performed, what are some key takeaways that you might use as a manager when sizing up firms, competitiveness, and technology evolution?
  2. Some have stated that Facebook’s appeal is waning. Has your Facebook use remained more, less, or the same over time? What trends do you observe in others (parents, older or younger friends and relatives)? What other services occupy your non-Facebook social media time and how does your usage of these services compare with the time you spend on Facebook? Which of these services do you think you’ll be using five years from now? Do you think new services are a threat to Facebook? Why or why not?
  3. Facebook has dominated the desktop, but why is mobile, specifically apps offered on smartphones, considered different than browser-based services, potentially limiting the likelihood that browser-dominant platforms will also lead with app-centric offerings? How does competition in services delivered in the browser on desktop computers differ from those delivered via smartphone app?
  4. Research Facebook’s smartphone apps. Which ones are successful and which have struggled or been shut down? Try those that are available on your own smartphone (or ask a friend to work with you to download the apps and given them a try). What factors are behind the success or failure of these products? Is it just experience that drives success or failure, or are there other factors at work here, as well?
  5. Why have Facebook and Twitter been erecting walls that block users from integrating these services? What is the free rider problem? Give real examples of this phenomenon in social networks and digital media.


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