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Developing Chapter 1 – The Research Problem

  • This first assignment will focus on the introduction to the research. The ultimate goal will be to submit a final research proposal by the end of the course. The proposal is not actually ‘doing’ the research but rather – submitting a proposal for the research that you’d like to conduct, explaining how you will set it up and how you will report the findings.
  • First, prepare your paper. Use the APA template and setup your paper into 5 sections – the same sections that can be found in the link below.
  • https://sokogskriv.no/en/writing/structure-and-argumentation/structuring-a-thesis/
  • This first assignment will include the development of your template with all sections/headers and anticipated subsections/subheaders. Section 1 – the introduction – should be drafted and included in the submission. This section draft should be approximately 3-4 pages in length. Leave the other sections blank for now. Those will be build-out in future assignments.

Blackboard Submission: Submit this assignment as a Word doc through this link.

Length: Template outline (about 8-10 pages); Section 1 – introduction draft (about 3-4 pages); this should include a cover page, an abstract page, and a references page for a total of approximately 11-14 pages – many pages will only have the section headers and no detail yet.