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FIU Hispanic immigrants Homeownership and The American Dream Literature Review

This is a two part project. It is for a Research Methods class. please read all the directions carefully before accepting this project.

The research question is the following: Are individuals of Hispanic backgrounds more likely to
live with their parents longer, than those with non-Hispanic backgrounds, and

***The goal is to figure out whether cultural differences
account for how long someone continues to live at home with their parents. It
is often said Hispanic individuals typically live at home longer, I would like
to know if that has any truth to it. There is also the possibility that
economic factors play a part in how long young adults live at home, and
Hispanics could possibly be at a disadvantage. This question could prove
beneficial to government studies and knowledge, as to how common it is that
young adults are living on their own and account for a household, and whether
that is indeed impacted by their origin, cultural upbringing, or financial situations.****

What I require is the following: APA

  1. Write a literature review (up to 5 double-spaced pages) on your research question;
  2. Formulate your hypothesis/es about the expected relationship/s between your major variables and explain how they are informed by theory or previous research (up to 2 double-spaced pages);
  3. Cite all literature used in your review. You should cite a minimum of five sources, and at last three of them should journal articles.

The purpose of the review is to illustrate to your audience (professor, reviewer, grant agency official, whatever) that you have read the “relevant” literature on a topic. First, the purpose of a good review is to tell a story rather than to navigate a course or run a race. The extant literature is what you use to tell the story. The story itself can highlight new or underappreciated implications of the theory, reveal what we do and do not know about particular topics, employ new frames to examine old questions, etc. Second, good reviews are centered around ideas, not studies.


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