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FIU Importance of The Human Service Professional Discussion

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Understanding the differences in one’s values is very important. Having an open mind regarding value differences can allow you to see things from a client’s perspective leading to mutual respect and trust within the helping relationship. Your ability to demonstrate an appreciation for diverse factors while practicing confidentiality and understanding the need for professional boundaries, while also practicing appropriate self-disclosure, can foster client trust in the helping process.

In Chapters 4 and 5 of your textbook you read about the importance of the human service professional understanding the differences in one’s cultural values and how these values influence the helping process. Acknowledging the difference in cultural values can allow you to see things from another perspective and better understand the functions of human behavior while avoiding cultural tunnel vision. Additionally, the text discussed the importance of developing awareness of your own experiences and biases in order to allow for a healthy client relationship based in mutual respect. As you read about cultural assumptions, think about and acknowledge what shapes your belief system and understanding, as this may influence the helping process. Consider the importance of self-disclosure and confidentiality and how they can benefit the helping process.

Please respond to the following:

  • How do transference and countertransference emerge in the helping process?
    • Please identify and explain effective ways of dealing with transference and countertransference issues.
  • Based on your own personal experiences/issues, how might countertransference towards a client interfere in the helping process?
  • Human service professionals should maintain adequate safeguards when working with the client; communicating through verbal and nonverbal methods can reveal true thoughts and feelings.
    • Describe how the client’s nonverbal communication may affect the helping process
  • How might human service professional self-disclosure affect the helping process?
  • What skills might you as a human service professional need in setting appropriate boundaries while working with a client? Why is this important?


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