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Florida Atlantic University Hostile Workplace Due to Age Diversity Questions

1. PLEASE WRITE THE MINIMUM OF A 300 WORD RESPONSE. In today’s global workforce, diversity means accepting, accommodating and valuing people who differ from one another in various ways, such as …

  • Gender: Male, female, transgender.
  • Race: Differences you can see, like skin color and bone structure.
  • Ethnicity: Cultural and regional differences.
  • Sexual Orientation: heterosexual and LGBTQ.
  • Religion: All world religions.
  • Language: Those whose native language is not English.
  • Disability: Making accommodations for all disabilities.
  • Age: All ages, including retirees going back to work.
  • Ideology: Spiritual, political and other beliefs.

You supervise a younger employee who seems to having issues with an older employee who is over the traditional retirement age of 65 and of the opposite sex.

Separately, both have complained to you in private about this issue. Hoe will you as their supervisor address this issue so that it does not affect your company’s productivity and profitability.

2. PLEASE WRITE THE MINIMUM OF A 300 WORD RESPONSE. As a supervisor it is your responsibility to plan, organize and motivate a diverse group of workers all in the aim of employee satisfaction and productivity for the business entity.

You have under your supervision and employee who you believe has great potential. Yet the employee always seems to avoid any new work or challengesr. As their supervisor how do you handle this employees attitude and also maximize the employees full potential and contribution to the organization?

How do you prevent them from affecting all other employees under your oversight and not under your direct supervision by their lack of motivation?


This question addresses the skill set of a Supervisor during the interviewing and employee evaluation process.

Identify the steps in the selection process and discuss the role of the supervisor in the selection process.

Identify the steps in the employee evaluation process and discuss the role of the supervisor in the employee evaluation process.


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