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Florida Institute of Technology Annual Report for Express Tours MEMO

Rewrite the following and add any information needed. Use the correct format for the email and business letter (full block format).

  • Real email (rewrite the following)

Thank you for agreeing to draft the annual report for Express Tours. Before you begin you’re work. Let me outline the initial steps. First, its essential for you to include brief profiles of top management. Early next week, I’ll provide profiles for all managers accept Samuel Heath, who’s bio information is being revised. You should edit these profiles carefully, than format them according to the enclosed instructions. We may ask you to include other employee’s profiles at some point. Second, you should arrange to get complete financial information for fiscal year 2021 from our comptroller, Richard Chang (Helen Boyes, to, can provide the necessary figures.) When you get this information, precede according to the plans we discuss in yesterday’s meeting. By the way, you will notice from the figures that the sale of our Charterhouse division did not significantly effect net profits.Third, you should submit first draft of the report by July 1. Of coarse, you should proofread you writing. I am quiet pleased that you can take on this project. If I or anyone else at Express Tours can answers questions, don’t hesitate to call.

change it to something similar to this

Memo 1(example 1)

To: Buck and Buck Inc. Employees
From: Sam Brown, Manager
Subject: Social Media Training Program
Date: May 19, 2021

To promote a more professional online image, the company has created a new social media training program for all employees. This program will familiarize you with quality standards expected from company-affiliated content posted online. We believe this will improve our customer relations and our company image. The mandatory training program will meet during work hours on Monday, May 24, and last two hours. It will cover the following topics:

• Blog and Wiki writing style standards
• Twitter etiquette
• YouTube video editing

If you have any questions, please contact me at ex. 999.


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