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Florida International How to Manage a Global Team in a Hybrid Environment Discussion

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Within the Forbes Article, “How To Manage A Global Team In A Hybrid World,” by Reggie Yativ the author discusses how mangers can effectively increase their skills in working with a globally dynamic team in this new hybrid/remote world. The author also talks about how with the changes we’ve encountered within our country and around the globe in the last year and some months due to the pandemic how much the biggest companies have changed their schedules to accommodate remote and hybrid work schedules. I truly found this article extremely interesting being that I was one of those people who pre pandemic worked five days a week out of an office to now working 100% remote full time and I have seen how much it has changed my productivity, as well as how different the management styles are. I find that managers are now appreciating individuality more and giving employees the ability to be their own boss now working from a remote environment. I’ve also noticed the increase in hires and the talent pool increasing due to the ability to hire remote workers from any geographic location. However Forbes article makes a great point and states, “As we shift to that hybrid work environment, it will be critical to embrace the right strategy to keep teams connected and engaged regardless of their physical location.” This quote touches on the new implementations managers and senior executives must now work on and understand that way they can know how to assist, manage, and support these hybrid and remote work locations. In essence building a global team and connecting with individuals of different geographic locations has posed such a great dynamic in our work reality. 


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