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Florida International University History Global Learning Essay

Instructions & Guidelines:Step 1: Select your co-curricular activity. Once over the course of this semester, you must attend or complete a co-curricular activity that addresses subject matter related to themes discussed in course readings/sources. The co-curricular activity does not have to discuss an explicit event in U.S. history. The purpose of this activity and report is that YOU make diachronic (across time), intercultural, international or transnational connections to the content in the course.Eligible activities include attendance to or view of any of the following:FIU talk or special seminar/lecture (in-person or online)Museum exhibit (in-person or online)Art exhibit (in-person or online)Tuesday Times Roundtable (Links to an external site.) (watch online). For this option, make sure you select the second link–“Click here to watch past TTR sessions on Youtube!”–to view the different talks available.Film selected from Not Even Past | US History at the Movies (Links to an external site.)The following co-curricular activities may also be eligible, but they require instructor pre-approval via email. In your email, explain the relevant connections to the course readings/sources that you will discuss in more detail on the report. Concert Theatrical PlayFestival  Charitable event ConventionFilm (not selected from the above link)Step 2: Attendance to/View of co-curricular activity. Take notes that reflect on what you learned from this event. If allowed and, for in-person events only, take a picture or video. If picture and video are not allowed, take a picture of yourself outside the event. Alternatively, you may take a picture of the ticket or proof of attendance to the event.Step 3: Write a 2-page report (double spaced in Times New Roman, size 12 font) using the following structure:Intro (1 paragraph, 5-7 sentences)brief historical context for the relevant course theme you will be addressingthe specific historical perspective(s) that can be interpreted from the course readings/sources you will be referencing in the body a brief description of the co-curricular activity and perspectives presented through that activity, which you will be elaborating upon in the body of the report Body (2-3 paragraphs, 5-7 sentences in each paragraph)

Comparison of the historical perspectives in your selected course readings/sources, and perspectives in your co-curricular activity Analysis of what influenced the historical perspectives in your selected course readings/sourcesReflection on how the creators, organizers, and/or sponsors/investors/stakeholders of the co-curricular activity impacted perspectives in your co-curricular activityConclusion (1 paragraph, 4-7 sentences)Description of your own prior perspectives on the subject matter, if anyExplanation of how your own perspective has evolved (or not) as a result of reading the relevant course readings/sources and taking part in the co-curricular activity. Specifically, explain whether the selected sources and activity have helped you understand a relevant problem or issue. Media/Links/Proof of Attendance. If your activity was an in-person event and you took a picture, add it to a third page of the report. Pictures and media DO NOT count toward the required 2-page written portion of the assignment. If you took a short video, you only need to upload it to the Discussion linked to this assignment (read step 4) but make sure you note this on the third page of the report. If you chose the Tuesday Times Roundtable or film options, add appropriate links to the third page of the report. For films, you may link the relevant IMDB page. References/Citations. Include references to course readings/sources in the body of your paper and footnote the sources using the Chicago Manual of Style (Links to an external site.). A bibliography or works cited page is not needed with correctly-formatted footnotes. Step 4: Upload the relevant picture(s), video, link(s) to the Discussion “Global Learning Experiences: Videos, Links, and Photos.”  If you choose the Tuesday Times Roundtable or movie options, just upload the links to these items on the Discussion. An IMDB link works for films. 


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