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Florida International University Schools Performances Discussion Board

We are experiencing growing conversations about race, racism, and inequality in America. These issues have very serious implications for teachers and how they handle diversity in their classrooms. This week’s discussion will focus on these issues.

After reading chapter 1 of Eduardo Bonilla-Silva’s chapter, “The Strange Enigma of Racism in Contemporary America,” Brownstein’s article, “The Challenge of Educational Inequality,” and watching “Cultural Pedagogy: Educational Equality for our Youth,” develop your Discussion Post in accordance with the Quotation-Response-Question (Q-R-Q) directions.

  • Module Reading/Viewing Discussions: Learning and understanding occur in both solitary study and in a social context through which we formulate understanding by reflecting on our own thoughts and experiences in combination with the ideas and experiences of others. I expect you to thoroughly read and analyze all assigned readings. As a class, you will discuss and analyze essential themes in the instructional materials offered to you and their relationship to the course. Discussions will be in the form of a Quotation – Response – Question (Q-R-Q) format wherein —
  • The student begins a Discussion post by selecting a portion from the instructional material assigned — any section of information that the student found particularly interesting. The Quotation should be an exact copy and punctuated correctly using quotation marks. The quoted material must be referenced in APA format.
  • Following the quoted material, the student develops a Response to the quotation.  The Response can criticize, question, support the concept inherent in the quotation; it should include the possible implications on the practice of teaching. This means that the student responds analytically after providing a brief explanation as to why s/he selected the particular section of text or transcript. Avoid merely summarizing or paraphrasing the quotation.
  • The discussion post is concluded by asking a Question that emerges from the quoted material and the analytical response, which provokes further thought, and therefore, generates further discussion.


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