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Florida SouthWestern State College Cutibacterium & Propionibacterium Acnes Questions

You have all been assigned a bacterial pathogen (cutibacterium acnes/propionibacterium acnes). This is your pathogen to follow the whole course and continually answer questions in each Bacterial Pathogen Assignment. You will be the expert and answer all questions for each Pathogen Assignment related to the chapters we are reviewing.

1. You MUST Upload two pictures of your bacteria from a SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) and a TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope) from the internet. Clearly label each image including your pathogen’s name: genus and species (correct spelling and italicized). Make sure you upload your images correctly to the discussion so they DO NOT show just as a link.

Copy and paste the questions below into your submission so others can reflect on your answers and compare them to their own pathogen. Make sure all of your responses are in your OWN words, not cut and pasted from the internet.

  1. Shape and arrangement of your pathogen (2 points)
  2. Type of flagella, number and correctly named arrangement of the flagella (example: monotrichous) (1 point)
  3. Capsule or not (If yes, describe what is it made from) (1 point)
  4. Gram staining status OR acid-fast stain cell wall description. Explain why your pathogen has this status by describing your pathogen’s cell wall structure. (2 points)
  5. Can it form endospores? If yes, explain when they form endospores. (1 point)
  6. Where is your pathogen usually found? (Ex. soil, water, zoonosis, airborne or maybe it only has a human host) (1 point)
  7. Finally, you need to go and comment on 5 other students’ posts. In your comments compare how your pathogens may be similar and different, at least one for each. Make sure you put the student’s name, their pathogen’s name, and your pathogen’s name in your comments. (2 points per correct comment) A bonus point will be awarded for a comment that includes a correction for an error (i.e. a student states something like their organism, with a genus name of Streptococcus, is cocci in clusters when you know that name means cocci in chains)


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