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Florida Southwestern State College The 3rd of May 1808 Presentation

This should just be a matter of putting together a PowerPoint or Google Slides or Prezi (whatever software you want to use) using information from your previous work and recording a presentation that address the questions posed below. It shouldn’t be seen as another research project, rather it’s a chance to share what you’ve already learned and how you used the knowledge gained about your masterpiece to create your reinterpretation.


Include the following information: 

  • image of your original masterpiece
  • a short biography of your artist
  • Information about the original work of art:
    • When was it made?
    • Who was it made for?
      • What was the reaction to the work?
    • What’s the message behind the work?
    • Where is the work located now?
    • Information about the style or movement associated with the original work of art (ex Monet’s Waterlilies is an example of Impressionism, the characteristics of Impressionism are X,Y, and Z, Impressionism was developed in the 19th century in France…etc..)   
  • What are some of the interesting visual features of your masterpiece?


Include the following information: 

  • image(s) of your re-interpretation
  • Your issue or event and its importance
  • Side by side comparison of your reinterpretation with the original masterpiece
  • An explanation of your re-interpretation answering the following questions:
    • Why did you re-interpret the work this way?
    • How does your re-interpretation change the meaning of the original work?
    • What message does your work convey in relation to the issue or event you discussed?
    • Why did you chose the medium you worked in?



  • Must be a PowerPoint presentation (click link to resources for PowerPoint) or Google Slides or something else that presents the information needed in a similar fashion
  • Must record your presentation, I want you to tell me about this in your own voice (click link to resources for PowerPoint) Loom is an easy way to do a screen capture recording as well and it’s free (click link to Loom)

Length:  This should all be about 3- 5 minutes long. 

No set number of slides required but you must have at least 4 slides: 

  1. original masterpiece
  2. reinterpretation
  3. comparison of masterpiece and reinterpretation side by side
  4. Works Cited slide


  • You must use at least 4 different scholarly sources for this section of your portfolio.  At least 2 of those sources must come from the FSW library.

You must have in text citations and a works cited list formatted in MLA.   *Remember you already have these sources and  information from completing earlier assignments


Masterpiece 2.0 Example final presentation.pptx


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