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Florida State College Supervision and Performance Improvement Presentation

Select 5 subject areas covered in this class that you feel will best help you as a supervisor. Prepare a slideshow presentation using PowerPoint or similar presentation software such as Google docs or Keynote to create a presentation for the class. Your presentation should have a minimum of 15 slides (total) highlighting each of the areas. Also include a title slide, an introduction, and closing slide which will incorporate all of your information into a final thought. The goal of this is to develop a presentation which could teach another student about what you have learned in this class.

For additional information on creating professional presentations consult the resources listed in the Learning Activities & Assignments section of this Module. Remember that your classmates will need more than bullet points to get the full meaning of your slides. You may either record audio to go with each slide or add notes to the Notes section of the presentation. Be sure to make it clear whether the viewer should be using headphones or looking at the notes section.

You may also want to use graphics, charts or other images to make your presentation more appealing to a viewer. If you use graphics, be sure that you have permission from the copyright holder to use them. Copying and pasting from the Internet is illegal unless you have permission. Try these sites for royalty-free images:


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