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Florida State University 14th Amendment and Business Law Discussion

Constitutional Rights

This assignment supports the following lesson objectives:

Recognize elements of constitution law.

Assignment Overview

This practice exercise explores two scenarios reviewing equal protection rights, and freedom of speech.


1-page paper (approx.250 words) answering two essay questions.

Activity Details

Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Read several scenarios.

Read the following scenarios, then answer some questions.

Inga Johannsen works as a second grade teacher in the state of Utopia. Utopia is very lucky to have an educational think tank in the state that does excellent

research on how best to educate children. The think tank recently released a study that concluded that children learn best from teachers who have black hair.

The study is too new to be fully evaluated, but previous studies from this think tank have always been confirmed when tested. The state of Utopia decides that,

in the interest of offering the most effective education environment, it will require all teachers who have been with the school system for less than five years to

change their hair color to black. Inga is blonde and has been with the school system for four years and 364 days. When she refuses to change her hair color,

she is fired.

Johnny Blago is a high school student and Internet blogger. He blogs about the teachers and students at his school. His comments are normally inappropriate

and usually offensive. A week before graduation he posted his top ten most annoying teachers who need to get fired list. Upon reading the blog, the principal

called Johnny into the office and asked him to remove the list immediately because it was in violation of school rules. Johnny refused and was banned from

attending the graduation ceremony until it was removed. Johnny claimed the school violated his first amendment rights and the school claimed he was in

violation of the school conduct code.

Step 2: Write responses to the following two essay questions.

Use a word processor (like MS Word) to write a paper answering the following essay questions:

In the first scenario, have Inga’s due process and/or equal protection rights been violated?

In the second scenario, does the school have the right to ban Johnny from graduation because of his blog?


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