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Florida State University Abortion Controversy Newsletter Project

I need help completing a Newsletter Assignment. The instructions below must be followed precisely.

Using Microsoft Word, from a blank page (NO TEMPLATE), create a newsletter based on one of the scenarios (I WILL PROVIDE THE SCENARIOS ONCE QUESTION ACCEPTED). The newsletter must be one page (front and back), no more.

  1. Name of newsletter clearly placed (Front and back page.)
  2. Multiple columns per page (No more than three)
  3. Three to five articles related to the theme of the newsletter (Written by you.)
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Masthead (Contact information)
  6. Graphics (At least three to five.)

SCENARIO 1: Your manager has asked you to design a monthly newsletter to keep employees in your office informed about current events at work. Your manager wants you to include meeting dates, any new positions available in the office, a section that welcomes new employees to the office, upcoming seminars/conferences for employees, and any other pertinent information related to work.

SCENARIO 2: You are a volunteer for your neighborhood block association. The Association has asked you to create a monthly newsletter to distribute to the residents on your block. This newsletter should contain information about any new residents who have moved into (or out of) the neighborhood, any homes on the block that are up for sale, when the next block party is scheduled, and who the “safe house” families are for children. Be creative; you can also include birthdays and other fun information to share with your neighbors.

SCENARIO 3: Create a newsletter for a professional organization. This can be an organization that is career specific, such as nursing, pharmacy, education, or it can simply be an organization that you want to begin based on your own personal interest.

SCENARIO 4: Create a newsletter based on a hobby or personal interest of yours, such as gardening, gaming, hockey, sewing, and so on. 


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