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Florida University Leadership & Management in Nurse Generalist Practice Essay

For this assignment, the student will explore roles of leader and manager in nurse generalist practice. This assignment asks you to identify a new technology your unit has received or one that you think may well suited for your unit. How did or should the manager approach the training? What evidence-based practice model was used or could be usedtec upon implementation of the new technology? How was staff involved? What leadership style was used to implement the new technology or what leadership style would be best suited for implementation? Please include concepts such as conflict management, communication, teamwork, cultural competence, power, politics, staffing etc.

Students should identify a leadership style to work through this new implementation of a technology as the nurse leader, explain why he/she feels that the style applies to the role of nurse leader and how it can be used for implementation.

The paper should be 3-4 pages in length (excluding title and reference page), and include a well-developed introduction, body, and conclusion. Three peer-reviewed, current nursing journal articles (< 5 years), should be used to support ideas.

APA format should be followed. Avoid errors in spelling and grammar. Make sure that content flows logically and is fully developed. Make sure to look at grading criteria (rubric) prior to writing your paper. Provide a comprehensive introduction to the situation, including the background and scope of the problem, all individuals involved in the situation, any solutions that were attempted, as well as the outcome of those solutions. Make sure you have clearly identified who owns the problem and why. (Remember that you cannot always control the actions of others, so it should be a problem you own and thus have control over the alternatives for action.)

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