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FN 170 CCC Nutrition Information on The Internet and Social Media Discussion


Most people get their nutrition information from television, newspapers, magazines, and on the internet. Social Media is also full of information on nutrition. In this class, we base nutrition information on scientific evidence. Your textbook is an excellent resource for reliable information. Information on television, in newspapers, in magazines and on internet sources may not always be reliable and may even be harmful. News media will often sensationalize information and may not be trustworthy sources.

Now it’s time to see if you can “Spot the Imposter”!

Discussion Directions:

Initial Post

In chapter 1, on pages 19- 29 read, “Sorting Imposters from Real Experts”. After reading the information, find an article you think may have false or misleading information. The article can be from the newspaper, the internet, or on a blog. You can pick any nutrition topic. (weight loss, body building, health claims etc.).

*Look for articles with tricks and traps and discuss them in your post. Use critical thinking to evaluate the article. Minimum word count for initial posts: 350 words

MUST Include in you post:

  • Where was the article published?
  • Who was the author of the article?
  • Did the author have any credentials to speak about the topic?

May include in your post:

  • Did you notice the article had a catchy headline?
  • Have other experts reviewed the article?
  • Why do you think this article was published?
  • Why do you think the article is misleading or false?
  • Did you spot any nutrition quackery? (see page 24 in your textbook for earmarks of nutrition quackery)
  • Was the information too good to be true?
  • Was the article written by an advertiser to promote sales?
  • Did the article include any fake testimonials?
  • Does the article contradict nutritional information in the USDA dietary guidelines?
  • Does the article raise suspicion about food?
  • Does the article have fake scientific jargon?
  • Does the article have “fake” testimonials?


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