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Fordham University Microbiology Virtual Pond Dip Questions

Question 1:

Your task is to take a virtual tour into a jar of pond water. You can click on the organisms to get an idea of what each organism is. This is the link that will give you the tour:

Virtual Pond Dip

Once you tour the pond water, choose your favorite organism and describe the following for this organism.

  • Detailed cell structure of the organism (Include locomotive structures, composition of cell wall and any special organelles)
  • Nutrition of the organism
  • Classification
  • Importance in the food chain and pond ecosystem.
Question 2:

Describe in detail the cell wall structure of Gram-positive, Gram-Negative and Mycobacterial species. Highlight the molecules that make up each cell wall and how these molecules play a role in the classification of these bacteria.

Question 3:

Case Study from Chapter 12

Matt was not in good shape and it had nothing to with the time spent at the gym. It had to do with the ball of fungus in his right lung. That fungal sphere, Aspergilloma had started as a single spore of ascomycete fungus called Aspergillus. The mold had formed the mass of fungal hyphae that was invading the airways of his lung and slowly killing him. Such bronchopulmonary Aspergillus is a rare but increasingly frequent pathogen of the immunocompromised.

Besides experiencing difficulty in breathing, fever and chest pain, Matt most hated coughing up wads of bloody mucous. His disease had invaded his blood and was now progressing to his brain. Soon it might lead to paralysis.

Matt spent 4 weeks at the hospital and thankfully a new antifungal drug, Voriconazole brought Matt back to life.

How could a microbiologist determine that the fungus infecting Matt is an Aspergillus not any other fungus?

Through research look up how antifungal drugs work and explain how the drug might have neutralized the fungal hyphae.

Your answers should be detailed and you will be graded on the quality and quantity of your answers. Please provide a minimum of 3 citations in your assignment. All scientific journals need to be cited in the APA format.


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