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Forecasted Income and Operating Statement & Office Building Worksheet

You have the opportunity to invest in an office building in downtown Tampa, in which you would purchase as a 5-year holding investment with a 13% required rate of return (discount rate). The building offers a total rentable area of 38,450 square feet, and 200 garage-parking spaces. You are provided the following information on the property from the current owner:

  1. The owner is asking $13,275,000 for the building.
  2. The owner has annual contracts from tenants on the building for 35,000 square feet of the total space at $24.50 psf, gross. Additionally, 180 parking spaces are leased by annual contract for $135.00 per month, per space. You expect this same office vacancy to occur into perpetuity and expect parking vacancy to equally correlate with the office vacancy. These lease terms are found to be in line with the downtown office market.
  3. Current annual operating expenses for the building follow:
    • Management Fees: 10% of EGI
    • Annual Real Estate Taxes: $12,750
    • Hazard Insurance: $9,525
    • Maintenance/Repairs: $23,500
    • Supplies $9,250
    • Capital Replacement Allowance: $11,500
    • Administrative Costs: $8,750
    • Operating Costs of the Garage: $10,925

Your mortgage lender has committed to you a loan to purchase the office building (should you decide to partake in the investment), which would offer the following terms:

Loan-to-Value: $7,925,000 Mtg; $5,350,000 hard equity

Interest Rate: 3.35% FRM

Loan Duration: 25 years, fully amortizing

Payment: $468,477 per annum

Prepayment Penalty: None

A study of the office building market in downtown Tampa indicates the following trended increases in incomes and expenses, which can safely be assumed in analysis forecasts:

  1. Office rents: 2.45% per annum
  2. Parking rents: 2.45% per annum
  3. Real Estate Taxes: 2.85% per annum
  4. Other Operating Expenses: 3.45% per annum

Assignment: Based on the above information, prepare a reconstructed income and expense statement forecasting returns for the 5-year holding period (six years analysis required). Calculate through Before Tax Cash Flows, show your work in the uploaded Excel file. ANSWER WAS GIVEN BY ANOTHER PERSON BUT INCORRECT , PLEASE GO THROUGH THE FEEDBACK IN SCREENSHOTS AND FIX THE ANSWER IN EXCEL FILE


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