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FSH 140 De Anza College Sensory Experiences from Justice Poem Paper

Choosing a Poem

you will choose a poem and break it down into five sensory components: sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. From these five components, you will choose a singular experience that directly relates to each sense: something to see, something to smell, something to touch, something to taste, and something to hear. You will share your experiences with each of these five components and then develop a series of five collages.

here is the poem.…

“There is a gold light in certain old paintings” BY DONALD JUSTICE


There is a gold light in certain old paintings

That represents a diffusion of sunlight.

It is like happiness, when we are happy.

It comes from everywhere and from nowhere at once, this light,

And the poor soldiers sprawled at the foot of the cross

Share in its charity equally with the cross.


Orpheus hesitated beside the black river.

With so much to look forward to he looked back.

We think he sang then, but the song is lost.

At least he had seen once more the beloved back.

I say the song went this way: O prolong

Now the sorrow if that is all there is to prolong.


The world is very dusty, uncle. Let us work.

One day the sickness shall pass from the earth for good.

The orchard will bloom; someone will play the guitar.

Our work will be seen as strong and clean and good.

And all that we suffered through having existed

Shall be forgotten as though it had never existed.

Sharing Your Sensory Experience.

For the first part of the project, you will need to record yourself reading the poem aloud and then experiencing each of your five components. Verbally express your response to each component using the following criteria:

  • How does it make you feel?
  • What does it look/smell/taste/feel/sound like to you?
  • Why did you choose that specific component?
  • Which portion of the poem do you feel it corresponds to?

Submit still images of your sensory objects that represent taste, touch, smell, and sight


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