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FSSC US and EU Discussion

There are two approaches for determining whether a substances toxicity is safe or harmful. One requires the manufacturer to prove the substance is safe while the other is left up to government/scientists/citizens to prove that it is harmful. Governments around the world implement these approaches differently which is what we are going to look at in this exercise. Through this Discussion you will use your new knowledge to determine which approach is best.

This discussion fulfills the following objectives:

CLO 6 Appraise and assess the link between human population and environmental health

MLO 6.6 Compare philosophical approaches to risk and how they relate to regulatory policy (MLO6)

  1. Write Your Initial post: answering the following questions (200 word minimum total).
      • Paragraph 1 – Compare the approaches of the United States (US) and the European Union (EU) regarding these two principles and provide examples.
      • Paragraph 2 – Which part of the world, US or EU, is more concerned with the health and welfare of its citizens and which is more interested in advancing technology?
      • Paragraph 3 – Do you think that the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) which regulates chemicals in the US is strong enough to protect human and environmental health or does more testing and regulation need to be put in place?
      • Paragraph 4 – What are the potential benefits of the European Union’s REACH program?

4. Embed (not attach) an image in your initial post that is related to the topic (cite your resource).

5. Ask your classmates a question about the topic at the end of your initial post. This could be based on what you read in the textbook or view in the videos. Just make sure your question for your classmates is different than the questions you answered in your initial post.

6. After you post your initial discussion, you need to reply to one of your classmate’s questions. Please answer in a paragraph, not just a couple of short sentences (50 word minimum – only words answering question will be counted).


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