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FSU The United States Journey to Become a Superpower Discussion

I’m working on a political science discussion question and need an explanation to help me learn.

What resonance with the required readings and lecture materials can be found in the above clip? What role did industrialization and territorial expansion play in this dynamic? What role did institutions and alliances play in this dynamic? What were defining features of the Cold War period? (This is not an exhaustive list!)

Please remember that you should be depersonalizing your analysis (avoiding us / we / our in reference to the US). A key aspect of political science writing is the ability to analyze the United States and US foreign policy behavior in the manner you would in any other country.

you may reference to these discussion post

1 . Today’s clip and the lecture from today and last class demonstrate the impact of industrialization as it laid down the scene for many of the significant events in the 20th century. The use of new technologies created the most destructive pair of wars seen in human history. The consequences of WWI and WWII stimulated nations to create and involve themselves in international organizations such as the UN and NATO to prevent wars in the future and regulate how nations operated on the global stage. However, the advancement of weapons also changed how countries interact with one another as nuclear weapons shaped the second half of the 20th century due to their role in the Cold War. The United States and the Soviet Union were cautious in approaching one another and preferred to indirectly engage with another through proxy wars to prevent the use of nuclear weapons. If it weren’t for the nuclear weapons the United States and the Soviet Union could have gone to war with one another directly. Even today countries approach other nuclear-equipped countries with caution because the consequences could be lethal to humankind and are visible in the relations that the United States conducts with Russia and China.

2. I think that we can see in the video as well as the lecture and the textbook is that the Unites States has its influence all over the world in many forms, especially militarily. Currently the US has military bases all over the world standing in for militaries for other countries such as Japan, Germany, and Italy. These military bases are the modern day version of Imperialism by the US. When the world started to abandon colonies around the world and placed military bases, in order to retain control around the world. The combination of military expansion with the cold war, decolonization efforts worldwide, and the domino theory allowed for the US to expand its control around the world. Not only placing bases and thousands of troops but installing leaders and toppling governments in order to protect their interests. The US is able to do so because they emerged from the 20th century as the world military superpower. The cold war gave the United States justification for doing so , however, since the cold war has ended the United States has maintained their global military reach. We can clearly see now that Donald Trump did not follow up on his promise to reduce our military intervention around the world, leading us to continue the trend of US military intervention around the world.


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