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FSW Animal Abuse Discussion

For this assignment, you will choose one topic of interest to you, and one that can be argued based on ethics. Ethical arguments try to answer reflective questions with a clear statement that something is right or wrong and then go on to show how a religious, philosophical, or ethical principle supports this position. The most important part of an ethical argument is the ethical principle, a general statement about what is good or bad, right or wrong. It is the set of values that guides you to an ethically correct conclusion. You can show that something is good or right by establishing that it conforms to a particular moral law or will result in something good for society. Conversely, You can show that something is bad or wrong by demonstrating that it violates a moral law or will result in something bad for society.

Your Multimodal Research Project should have a strong argument, use a minimum of six (6) sources for support to advocate for your claim, and draw conclusions about your topic based on your argument and evidence. You will include at least one image or graph, as well as a Works Cited section.

*Your audience for this assignment is an interdisciplinary audience of college students, scholars, and inquisitive adults (the kind who watch PBS). The genre for this assignment is researched argumentation.*

In order to complete this assignment, you should go through the following steps:

  1. Invention and Critical Thinking: Come up with a topic, conduct background research, and develop a research question;
  2. Research your question. Carefully choose your sources. Read and make notes as you go;
  3. Develop a working thesis statement based on your research.
  4. Draft the body and outline the conclusion of your essay.
  5. Draft your introduction and conclusion. As part of the introduction section, revise your working thesis statement into a more polished thesis based on your draft.
  6. Get feedback on the draft of your project from a peer, friend, tutor, the Writing Center, or professor.
  7. Revise your project based on the feedback you received. Solicit a second round of feedback if necessary and revise.
  8. Edit and proofread your project for submission. Double check your formatting and design.


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