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FU Research and Summaries Discussion

*This is preliminary research for Paper Four: Argument Based on a News Video in MLA format. As you watch the videos, I recommend keeping a list of key words that will help you in your library research. Also, think of a possible argument that a reasonable person could disagree with.*

Assignment: Begin searching for international news videos on topics of interest in non-western countries.

Here is the list of countries available for this assignment:

Country List for Research

Southern Asia: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

Northern Asia: China, Japan, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Russia, etc.

The Middle East: Israel, Palestinian Territories, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, etc.

India / Pakistan Region: India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Burma, etc.

Africa: Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Chad, Niger, Mali, Eritrea, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Congo, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, etc.

Watch a few minutes of the video, if you find it interesting, keep watching. If you do not find the video interesting, move on to another video.

What to post:

1. Post two links and two summaries of videos

2. Post a paragraph explaining what topic you are interested in AND what you found interesting about it.

3. Post 3 questions (total) that you would like to find out in your research.

For this assignment, you are required to find videos of interest independently. However, I have compiled a list to help you search. I have done my best to make a helpful list, but please keep in mind, some links/videos may not work if they have changed since this list was compiled. If the video seems interesting, but you cannot access it, try using Google to see if you can find it in another location. Any *news* video on a *non-western* topic is acceptable – even if it is not in this list. If you are unsure if the country is considered non-western, consult the list above *Please note that just because a link is listed here, it does not mean every video at that link will fit the assignment.*

As you watch the videos, think about possible arguments that could be made on the topic.


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