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Funding Proposal Presentation

Week one is done! This week we will be discussing health care reform which is changing the focus of health care in the United States; it is moving from a disease-oriented system to a health-oriented system. We will discuss the role of community/public health nurses and the responsibility to become advocates at the local, state, and national level, and make our voice heard in the political arena.

For all assignments that are due weekly I do have guidelines I must follow. Please consider doing a PowerPoint, podcast, oral presentation, prezi, or an alternative submission rather than a written paper. I often find students will leave out required elements to keep the paper concise. Scholarly papers are graded in APA formatting and the guidelines are strict, especially in written submissions.

For the PowerPoint, make a slide for each bullet point and include pictures, graphs, text, and graphics to cover the required elements. After this week, i will be posting guidelines for the assignments, they are helpful and I will post them in the announcements section. Notes in the PowerPoint sections are encouraged to include the text you want to provide. A reference page in the presentation is encouraged, or you can send a separate word document with references.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions, I want this to be a good experience for you!

Assignment Content

  1. Using the health care law or policy you researched for this week’s learning activity, create a proposal or presentation for continued funding of a related program.
    Create two separate proposals, one that addresses liberal viewpoints and one that addresses conservative viewpoints.
    Convince each group that continued funding is essential to the well-being of its recipients.
    Address the following in each proposal:

    • The party platform principles
    • How the program advances the party agenda
    • Program data related to target population outcomes


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