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FVSU Different Somatoform Disorders in The Field of Psychology Discussion



Somatoform disorders are psychological conditions in which a patient has physical symptoms but is not diagnosed with a medical condition. Individuals who have excessive thoughts, feelings, or behaviors, such as disproportionate and persistent thoughts of the seriousness of one’s symptoms, persistently high levels of anxiety about one’s health or symptoms, and excessive time and energy devoted to these symptoms or health concerns, are said to have somatic symptoms, according to the DSM-V (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Although somatic symptoms are not always present, the state of being symptomatic is. These symptoms, which can be mild, moderate, or severe, usually last for more than six months.

Martin, a 31-year-old man, has been suffering from abdominal pain for years. Martin’s physical pain is interfering with his daily life because he is constantly concerned about his pain. Martin is suffering from severe depression and is experiencing all three somatic symptoms. As Martin’s symptoms worsened, he began seeing his primary care physician in the hopes of learning why he is in such constant pain. Despite the numerous tests that Dr.Reese has performed, nothing appears to be wrong. Martin has spent a significant amount of time thinking about his physical symptoms, experiencing high levels of anxiety, and having persistent thoughts about his symptoms, which include excessive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (Vanderlip, 2021). Because Martin fits all three categories he can be diagnosed with chronic severe Somatic Symptom Disorder.  


Somatic Symptom Disorder is psychological disorder that has symptoms, but do not have a physical illness. The studies of Somatic Symptom Disorder is still ongoing, because the cause of this disorder is unknown. Although the cause of this disorder is unknown the DSM-V is used for diagnosis. A 31 year old male, by the name of Martin has been experiencing abdominal pain, but could not find the cause of his physical pain. According to the Martin’s story, Martin changed all of his bad habits, to decrease his pain. Martin’s abdominal pain became severe and frequent. Although the doctor found nothing abnormal in Martins test, Martin have been experiencing this constant pain, for over six months. What is wrong with Martin? 

     According to the DSM-V, female experience this disorder more than men (PG.312). The DSM-V states that, individuals that experience only one severe symptom, that is commonly pain is identified as criterion A. Individuals that have a high level of anxiety, that is caused by their bodily symptoms are considered a criterion B. Criterion B individuals often fear that their physical symptoms are life threatening(Pg.311).Martin wife agreed that Martin was suffering from a severe depression. Could Martin’s severe depression be the cause of his physical pain? The Somatic Symptom Disorder becomes more frequent in individual that has experienced stressful life events(Pg.313).  

     Martin began seeking therapy, and was prescribe antidepressants for his pain and depression. After seeking therapy, Martin noticed that his symptoms became manageable. Martins would story describes the symptoms of criteria B. Martin severity was moderate. I consider Martins case as moderate, because his anxiety became severe, he changed his bad habits, he was more focused on his pain than his other life task, constant test was taking, but nothing abnormal appeared to the doctor, and Martin had physical pain, but no physical illness


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