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FVSU Juvenile Delinquency What Causes It and How Can It Be Stopped Essay

The first three chapters listed below are very important, because they will play a big part in my final grade.


Typically, the title should be a brief statement that names the major variables in the hypothesis, purpose, or research question. The title should include the unit of analysis. Secondly, integrate your abstract into your document. Be sure it to review the ‘How to write a research paper’ abstract link.

2. INTRODUCTION – Chapter 1
The Introduction should include the following subsections:
• Identification of the problem area under the heading of: Statement of the Problem
• Conceptual and operational definitions of the variables and key terms
• The independent and dependent variables should be briefly disclosed in this section
• A statement of why the topic is worthy of investigation (potential implications of results).
• A brief description of relevant theories
Note: if a qualitative method is used it may include personal perspectives and experiences related to the topic (subjectivity is permitted here).

The literature review will generally be the lengthiest section as the student will describe the studies of previous researchers from scholarly articles, periodicals, journals, books, and reports related to the student’s topic. The literature review is not just a synopsis of the research, but a critical review focusing on trends, themes, and conflicts with other studies. The review will ordinarily contain the hypotheses, key variables, methods of sampling and mechanics of the study, results, and primary limitations. Keep in mind that the student is attempting to fill a literature gap by conducting their research.

At the conclusion of the Literature Review, please state your hypothesis or hypotheses under a separate subheading: Hypothesis.

I will be attaching my Abstract that I already completed, so you can understand what the paper will be over. The paper will be over what’s being discussed in the Abstract. Also, this assignment will be checked for plagiarism. It should be 10 pages not including the abstract.


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