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Gateway Technical College Conflict within Healthcare Case Study

Read the following scenario:

The following case study illustrates an oncology setting at a hospital. The Safety and Quality Department is headed by the Quality and Safety Manager with a team of 11 staff working under him. There are five trained, certified quality assurance staff who have worked in the facility for about 9 years, and six new graduates who were recently employed due to expanded operations at the hospital. Although it seems that the old staff and Quality and Safety Manager work together in perfect harmony, conflict occurs between them. An excess of authority and power on the part of the leader (Quality and Safety Manager) appears to be the main source of conflict in the service. However, no member of the 11 staff under him seeks to bring up this uncomfortable situation, as they are concerned about losing their job or making matters worse. As emphasized throughout this course, there is no single way of managing a conflict. That is, there is no appropriate or inappropriate strategy to deal with conflict. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the person or group to be conscious of the problem and to select the most suitable strategies depending on the context in which the problem has emerged. Besides, identifying and confronting conflict at an early stage seems of paramount relevance.

  • Using the information provided in the scenario and reflecting on what we have covered in this unit, write a 2-page paper that includes:
    • An evaluation of the type of conflict expressed in the scenario.
    • Assessment of the conflict resolution approach taken by the junior staff team in the Quality and Safety department.
    • Recommend two or three other conflict resolution strategies that would yield better results and support your opinions with support from learning resources.
  • Your assignment must be written in standard edited English per the APA guidelines.
  • Be sure to support your work with at least three high-quality references.
  • Your assignment should show the effective application of triangulation of content and resources in your conclusion and recommendations.


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