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GC English Short Story Discussion

I need the answer from the story, I will send it to you.

Your response should be thoughtful and demonstrate that you read the story. You should also connect it to your life in some way, even if it is to show how your experience is different. Ideally, your response will be a short paragraph, approximately 75 to 150 words.

  1. Diana tells us that when her father learned English, he didn’t learn it from books. How did her father learn English? Do you think it is better to learn English from books or using Diana’s father’s method? Explain.
  2. On page 5 on the .PDF file, Diana says, “I learn early: We are Arab at home and American in the streets.” What does she mean by this? Give a brief example of Diana being “Arab at home” and another brief example of being “American in the streets.” Have you had a similar experience (with you, or with your children, or with other family members)? Explain.
  3. On page 6 on the .PDF file, Diana is discussing how new family members arrive. She says, “Coincidentally, they always come over at dinnertime. Always at the moment we turn on the stove.” First, who is the new family member who arrives in Chapter 1? Second, what idea do you think she is trying to convey in the quote in this question? What does she mean that they come over as soon as they turn on the stove? Do you have experience with this?
  4. The main part of this story is the barbeque at the beach. What is one part of that story that stood out to you? Can you relate to it in any way? Explain.
  5. This chapter is titled, “Raising an Arab Father in America,” yet she only gives us a hint of what that title means. This is the first story in Chapter 1. First, in one or two sentences, explain some of the things we know about her father by reading this part of this chapter? Then, consider the fact that there is one more story in this chapter titled “Raising an Arab Father in America.” Why do you think she gave this chapter that name?
  6. What is your overall impression of this chapter? What did you like about it? What didn’t you like about it? Why? You can just discuss likes or dislikes. You don’t have to discuss both.
  7. If you could ask Diana Abu-Jaber a question or two, what would you ask her? Why


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