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GCC State of Sand Crabs Equal Protectio Discussion

State of Sand Crabs   Privileges & Immunities Equal Protection Discussion/Due Process – Issue & Rule Post


The state of Sand Crabs, facing the southern border of our country, has experienced an increase in crime, and a deterioration of effective policing. Most of the crime increase involves crimes of theft, robbery, burglary. Almost all have been crimes of violence without resulting arrests. Residents and businesses alike have been victimized. It has also been documented that over the years there has been an increase in illegal border crossings. Police have literally been under attack. There has been a 32% increase of officers injured during active crime deployment in the last 18 months. This has resulted in several full disability severances pf female officers. At the same time, the State Police force has experienced increased numbers of civil law suits and federal investigation attributed in a rise in the shooting of criminal suspects by a largely young officer base. Many senior officers claim that these young, limited English speaking officers lack patience when responding to crime scenes and do not understand local culture. Rising temperatures have made out-door patrols a grueling operation.

In response to these conditions, a group of state legislators are developing a bill, which will be introduced into the legislature with full hearing, to increase state police forces. It limits member of the state police force to male citizens of the United States who are over the age of 20 years and who have lived in the state for 12 months.

You are asked, using IRAC to review only  the Privileges & Immunities, Due Process/Equal Protection Constitutional issues of this proposal.


Issues of Constitutional questions must identify the source of the violation, the state actor (defendant),  the plaintiff,  and act in question

Rule: starts with the general rule (look to the constitution as the tree trunk) followed by elements or more specific rule.  Do not name cases or mention facts.

Post Issue & Rule Statement: Post your original Issue and Rule statement Issue: 10 pts, Rule: 20 pts

Post a Reply which assesses and improves both the Issue & Rule Statement. Reply to Issue:  5 pts Reply to Rule:  20 

  • These discussions all have 2 parts, a post in response to my prompt and a reply to another student’s post. Each of these discussion is always assigned 2 different due dates; one for the post and one for the response (usually 2 days apart). These dates will appear in the caption of the discussion which should be accessed through the course home page or landing. Under the caption  of the assignment Canvas shows the final due date of the reply and only that date.  By now you should be used to the internal date process and in future discussions I will not offer full credit for response to my prompt (I call it a post but in fact it is your first reply) after its identified due date.
  • All replies to other student’s posts must first acknowledge  by name the student you are responding to. Then you are to offer suggestions for improving what they wrote.(To successfully do this I suggest you check your own understanding of the content and process by return to the text and other material posted in Canvas. The final requirement of all replies to other student’s post is that you rewrite their post following your own suggestions. This complex process serves on a double check of both your understanding of the discussion and another chance to formulate legal writing. Do not merely copy and paste what you have already submitted in your original post as this defeats that part of the learning process. 


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