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College survivial guide is

For success to be attaining partnership, it needs to be highly prioritized. In this case, while in the Grossmont College, I chose to work with a partner to succeed in achieving my desired goals. My friend is usually cooperative when it comes to sharing ideas regarding the success of an identified theme. The names of my partners will be Maria, Jessica, and Johnny.

In contacting my partnership, I will have to rely on the use of an email. Also, I may use a text message in reaching, and each of them is mainly interested in using social media. Through this, it will be easier to communicate with them.

I will have to prefer meeting my partners when we have leisure time. This time most of us are free from day-to-day activities. Proposing to meet in our free time after studies will ensure that we discuss the intended discussion themes effectively.

The main aim of the discussion will have to empower every individual on how to strengthen in its lifelong conditions. The ideas will be coming up with helping strategies for every individual in our group. My idea of the topic is empowerment. I will share my ideas with my audience by; firstly, I can tell a joke. This makes me form a great bond with my audience from the beginning of the discussion. Then I can discuss a character or a scene where the audience will relate. This will make them active. I can also tell a story to draw their attention. Many people find it hard to keep concentration, so this will help them stay engaged.

Then I can share a personal experience with my audience. This will make them so keen to hear what happened. I can also make them relate to a recent event. Another way to keep the audience on their toes is by pointing out something important about the current setting or the audience.


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