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GCCCD Lieutenant Charles Wilkes Naval Expeditions Discussion Questions

Select four questions of your choice

Describe the causes, the conduct and consequences of the War of 1812. What challenges did the military face after winning its Second War of Independence?  How did Winfield Scott attempt to rectify the gross shortcoming of the Army during the War of 1812?

Discuss the importance of the Corps of Discovery by the Lewis and Clark expedition. How did Army exploration affect American westward expansion, cite at least three examples?

3. How did Naval expeditions of discovery enabled the United States to expand its commercial, scientific, and diplomatic strategic objectives? What was significant about Lieutenant Charles Wilkes naval expeditions?

4.Describe America’s policy toward the Native Americans during the 1830s and 1840s, specifically the Black Hawk War 1832, Jackson’s Indian Removal Policy and the Second Seminole War of 1835-1842.

  1. 5.How did Wars of French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars change warfare? Discuss Jomini’s four primary rules for battle? What was his influence on the American military? How did U.S. Military Academy affect the professionalization of the American officer corps?
  2. 6.What were the causes, conduct and consequences of the Mexican War of 1846? What was significant about Winfield Scott’s Vera Cruz Campaign?

7. Discuss the primary and secondary  causes of the American Civil  War.  What was the initial strategy for the North and South in 1861?  Discuss the  importance of the Battle of Bull Run and Antietam for both the North and South. 

8. How did the U.S. Navy contribute to defeating the Confederacy?  Discuss the significance of the Battle of Gettysburg and Vicksburg and how it changed the outcome of the conflict  of the Civil War? Why did the South lose the war?

9. What were the challenges that the military faced at the end of the Civil War ? How did Captain Mahan influence the Navy’s development?  What was significant about the 1907 sailing of The Great White Fleet ? 

10. Discuss the primary and secondary causes of the Spanish American War.  What was the consequences of the Spanish American War,  Philippine Insurrection and the Boxer Rebellion ? 


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