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GCCCD Membrane Structure, Transport and Function Questions

 E book link to solve the questions–iphL…  make answer as pdf

Membrane Structure, Transport & Function 


This review homework assignment is a major opportunity to revisit the information we covered in the readings and the lectures.

As you move through each task, be sure to focus on what you are trying to learn.

Many of the tasks in review homework assignments require drawings. You will create the drawing, take a picture of it, and upload the image to you submission in canvas. Please make sure the image is facing the right direction and that it is well lit and clearly visible.

While you do not have to be an artist, I expect to be able to understand what you have drawn.

  • Include labels and captions explaining what you have drawn so that I can see that you worked to understand the information associated with each task.
  • Most of your drawings will be based on diagrams in the book. I understand that these drawings will look like the images in the textbook. It is how you caption and label the drawings that will make them your own.
  • For written answers, please use your own words and do not rely on the internet. Any answers derived from sources other than the textbook and the lecture content (like the internet or other students’ work) will result in a zero for the entire assignment.
  • Q1)What is osmosis?
  • Q2)Draw, label, caption and upload a diagram of facilitated diffusion across a semipermeable membrane.
  • Q3)Draw, label, caption, and upload a diagram of active transport of a solute across a membrane. Include a caption stating the circumstances under which this type of transport takes place.
  • Q4)Draw, label, caption and upload a diagram of what happens to an animal cell when it is placed in a hypotonic environment.
  • Q5)Draw, label, and caption and upload a diagram of what happens to a plant cell when it is placed in a hypertonic solution.


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