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GCCCD Why Dan Kitcheners Street Artwork Is at Another Level Video Essay

Hey I have 2 videos to watch and on each video write a short essay about them. Make sure each writing is about a length page please.  Make the writing separate from each video

First Video:

Second Video:


First Video: An episode of his has been provided. After having become familiar with art and art making, tell me about your experience and thoughts while watching an illustrator create landscapes without any material other his imagination.

Second Video: 

This video is packed with what some might consider clever or beautiful art. The art is categorized by artist.  Choose an artwork and consider these questions:

Why might this street artwork be considered “at another level”?

What did I enjoy about the art/artist?

Write a short essay that answers the above questions and provide comments about your own viewing experience.

Make sure you answer these questions for the videos that I provided above in short essay form. 

Quality is better than quantity. Be sure to stay on task. Citing and quoting from the film may prove helpful as does referring to particular time segments (at 12:16 when such and such is mentioned) when the name of the artwork might be in question or to better support your idea. The purpose of this exercise is to promote critical thinking. Be sure to provide detailed and supportive answers.

3rd Video Link;

Tell us why you chose this utility/electric box.

What is it about the artwork that made an impression on you?

What do you feel makes it visually effective? Discussing a principle of design or two or anything from the visual toolbox could be helpful.

Tell us your interpretation of the imagery, including the theme you feel is covered.


Your Discussion experience will come in two parts:

Part 1: Taking some inspiration from Dave Van Patten, take a photo of a decorated utility/electric box from around town that you feel is inspiring. A photo that shows you standing besides it is preferred, but not required. Be sure to also mention where the utility/electric box is located in your thread.

Embed the photo to your thread. Avoid using huge file sizes, they may not upload into Canvas.

Part 2: Write a short essay that answers the above questions and provide comments about your own viewing experience. Additions to your thread resulting from any added research is fine. But remember to stay on topic and answer the questions.

The Student Learning Outcomes for this class are as follows:

• Utilize the writing process, including pre-writing, writing, revision and proofreading to produce complex, high-quality work.

• Evaluate the validity and soundness of arguments and the evidence within them.

• Synthesize the ideas of two or more writers create a broader understanding of an issue on topic.

• Utilize critical reading strategies so as to successfully pull meaning from complex texts and texts structured in non-academic formats.

Where have you experienced the most growth? Identify which Student Learning Outcome best corresponds to a strength you have developed in this class. Support your selection by including and discussing evidence/examples from your own coursework that demonstrate your growth over the semester. Lastly, discuss why this skill is significant to your future coursework, to your prospective career, and/or to you personally. 


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