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GEB 3003 Florida International University Behavioral Based Interview Discussion

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Within this discussion, you will post a behavioral-based interview question and respond to at least one behavioral-based interview question posted by another student. Your chosen question must be original and it can not have already been asked by another student in this discussion. So, in order to receive credit for this discussion, the following criteria must have been met:

1. Student has posted one unique behavioral-based interview question.

QUESTION: Tell me about a time you had to meet a deadline. How did you handle the situation? What was the outcome?

REFERENCE: I’m working at an interiors design company.

2. Student has responded to at least one other student’s behavioral-based interview question using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method.

RESPOND TO THIS STUDENT: A couple of times during my employment, I have failed to meet my deadlines for some unforeseen reasons. Out of the many instances, one stands out that I will never forget for some time. During my previous engagement as a sales representative, I missed my productivity target set by my immediate boss. During this instance, I merely reached fifty percent of the required sales volume for the given month. This period emanated as the most challenging for me. During this time, I struggled a lot with motivation.

Similarly, I experienced disarray in my personal life. Although I did not discern this intricacy for some time, my potential clients and colleagues could feel it in my tone when I called them. I lacked my usual vigor, and my product enthusiasm vanished. My drive had faded away such that despite making a similar number of phone calls and following the proven sales strategies, I still missed my targets. Since the intricacy made me perform poorly, I took responsibility for my actions, failed to get any bonuses, and learned a significant lesson. I discovered that individuals must separate their personal and professional engagements (Charity Job, 2021). I also discovered that a sales representative who is ill prepared mentally would not make any sales. Clients and colleagues perceive more than the words an individual use while interacting.


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