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Gentry High School Survival Guide to Created a Book Around Algebra Questions

My Algebra Survival Guide

Your mission if you chose is to create a “How to Book” with the concepts or ideas we have studied this year. You must choose at least 10 out of the list to complete the book. How you complete the book is up to you. Some suggestions might be: a comic strip, cartoons, pictures, or another way of your choice. Make sure you make this visually interesting and mathematically sound.

Requirements: -Must use at least 2 equations or word problem per each concept -Must have the correct solution for each problem – Must have a cover page and a table of contents – Must have at least 1 page for each concept for a total of 12 pages – Must be neat and accurate.

Topics to Pick From:

Absolute Values Coordinate Plane Domain and Range Exponent Rules Factoring Function Notation Graphing Linear Equations Graphing Inequalities Inequalities Parallel and Perpendicular Polynomials Quadratics Solving 1, 2, & multi-step equations Systems of Equations The Number System

If you think of a topic that I left off of this list that you would like to include, please ask before just doing it. Most likely, I will accept it, but get permission first!









Basic Understanding (6 pts) Followed no directions

Following Directions

(12pts) Followed 25% directions

(18pts) (24pts) Followed half Followed the directions 75% of


(30pts) Followed all directions



8 Solutions

12 Solutions


Less than 4 Solutions No Creativity

Solutions Creative


All 20 Problems All 20 Solutions The best I can do Complete Cover page and TOC

Some Half creativity imagination | Half sloppy

Partially complete cover

Page/TOC 5-6 errors 3-4 errors


No Cover Page/Table Ipage/TOC of Contents


1-2 Errors

No Errors

7 or more errors.

Time use


Not neat

Somewhat neat Half pictures

Some pictures

Visuals to go No pictures with each problems Presentation Refuses to


Missing some pictures

Turned in on time Takes Pride in his/her work Every problem has a picture Presents accurately

Presents problem(s) inaccurately





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